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Nuisance Wildlife Removal Experts, Gainesville GA

Call Verminators for humane wildlife trapping, fast animal removal, and affordable rodent exclusions. We also clean attics, basements, and crawlspaces. We have over 21 years experience and are ready to help you too.

Verminators would like to solve your nuisance wildlife, squirrels, rats, bats, flying squirrels, raccoons, opossum, beaver, groundhog, mice, skunk, snakes, copperheads, birds, woodpeckers, fox, otter and more.


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Verminators - Wildlife Evictions

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators

Established / Oct - 1999

"Don't hate, Verminate!" Verminators would like to solve your nuisance wildlife problems both fast and affordably. We have solved over 10,000 animal, bird, and snake problems in Georgia.

We provide superior and quality animal proofing and expert wildlife trapping and removal. We service all of North Georgia including Gainesville, Lake Lanier, Cumming, Buford, Flowery Branch and more. We have over 21 years experience and are ready to help you too!

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Verminators for the gentle and humane removal of bees, bats, birds, rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, beaver, raccoon, opossum, snakes, skunk, fox, coyote, river otter and more. Verminators install animal safety exit tunnels, animal proof homes, and clean attics, basements, crawlspaces and add new insulation.

Verminators Wildlife Removal

Humane Wildlife Removal

Get Rid of Animals in 3 Easy Steps!

1. The Home Inspection. The first step towards a quiet, wildlife free attic is a complete and thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. In the attic (basement, crawlspace, and walls), locate nesting, feces, tunneling and other signs of infestation. Find the all exterior gaps, cracks, and chewed holes on the roof, siding, and foundation that the squirrels, flying squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, birds and snakes are using to enter your attics, walls, and homes.

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2. Install an Animal Safety Exit Tunnel. Locate the animal's main point of entry into your attic. Once identified, an Animal Safety Exit Tunnel will temporarily install on the outside of this hole, on the outside of the structure. This exit device allows any animals inside of the home to exit without re-entry. This eliminates the need to trap the animals inside your attic. Animals can cause more damage if you lock them inside the attic without a safe way to get out.

Verminators Squirrel Safety Exit Tunnel

3. Animal Proof your home! We animal proof every opening on your roof and more. Verminators have identified all existing openings or potentinally vulnerable areas that animals are either using now or could use in the future. Verminators use only the best quality materials for animal proofing your homes and businesses. Verminators have long guaranteed animal proofing.

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